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Diamond Umpire Academy was founded with a single goal: To provide quality training and development opportunities to fastpitch softball umpires of all levels. Our staff of veteran elite and post season softball umpires are here to provide one-on-one and group training to help aspiring softball umpires reach their highest goals.

Located in the heart of Greensboro, NC, Diamond Umpire Academy provides training camps that are are non-threatening and intended to create a positive learning environment for umpires. We seek to improve your existing skills, teach you new skills, and provide networking opportunities with other umpires and established mentors. Umpires will be given an opportunity to LEARN, ATTAIN, MASTER, and ADVANCE their game to all new heights.

  • Training


    Our training is designed to teach umpires to:
    • Work at a Higher Level
    • Get Better Assignments
    • Improve Performance
    • Develop Confidence and Game IQ
  • Mentorship and Crewness

    Mentorship & Crewness

    The development of umpires includes creating:
    • Mentorships and Trusted Counsel
    • Positive Learning & Training Experiences
    • Guidance to Influence & Promote Crewness
    • Enthusiasm to Share the Love of the Game and Umpire Fellowship
  • Success

    Goals & Success

    Our staff is dedicated to promoting:
    • Quality Instruction and Guidance
    • Goal Achievements to the Highest Level
    • Successful and Positive Experiences

What Our Camp Participants Are Saying...

I was looking for an opportunity to increase my knowledge, skills and abilities as a collegiate umpire. At the recommendation of a trusted colleague, I enrolled and attended a camp offered by Diamond Umpire Academy. The training staff, instructional methods, and overall experience far exceeded my expectations. The results: in the 2018 season, I was selected to work two different conference championship tournaments, I worked the 2018 Division III Regional in Atlanta, and I worked the 2018 Division III Super Regional at the defending National Champions of Virginia Wesleyan University. The skills I learned at the DUA camps propelled my umpiring and my career to a whole new level! I highly recommend DUA camps to any umpire looking to excel and advance to the next level!